What is Architecture?

Architecture is an art related to building design and planning. Its like any other creative field like painting, dancing and fashion designing. Architecture is a process which include building design from start to end. It covers designing, construction & services of the project. But it is not easy process. Requires lots of creativity and patience. This article focuses on architecture and its 10 various aspects.

There are several types of architectural styles in the world. A lot of history is associated with architecture and designing. So, Architecture is also known as mother of all arts.

Architecture and its aspects

10 basic aspects of Architecture

There can be various aspects of architecture. So, following is all about architecture and its 10 various aspects:

1. Functionality Aspect: 

Functionality is first and foremost aspect of architecture. This aspect of building is  main because it depends upon type of building such as Educational, Healthcare & Commercial etc. The building is designed as per requirement of users. It is important for an designer to understand whether Form follows function or Function follows form? But its always the functionality of the building comes first. So accordingly its “Form follows function”.

Function aspect of architecture

2. Durability and Stability Aspect:

Next is about the durability and stability of building. If building is aesthetically appealing but not stable enough then its a disaster. The building is designed for at least 100 years. So, building is durable and stable only if structural designing of building is strong. It is a scientific process. The architect’s also capable of designing a structurally strong building. But if scale of project is large then project team can also hire a Civil Engineer.
durability and stability aspect in architecture

3. Quality Aspect:

Quality is important for building’s construction and management. But building is stable and durable if quality of construction material is good. “A” grade material need be used for construction. It includes Cement, bricks, mortar, timber and stone etc. The construction technique is also equally important. Skilled workers and laborers also plays important role for construction of any building. 

So, If quality of construction material and technique is not good then building will not last for long time. It can also face structural issues. May also collapse in the future.

Quality aspect in architecture

4. Aesthetics Aspect:

Aesthetics is related to appearance of the building. All about how the building looks. It is as important as its functionality. Building is aesthetically appealing if the facade is designed creatively. The various horizontal & vertical architecture design elements should be used.

The aesthetic is not only limited to the exterior. It also create an impact for interior of the buildings. The interiors can turn aesthetically appealing by proper interior designing of space. This contributes to architecture and its various other aspects.

Aesthetic aspect in Architecture

5. Universal Design Aspect:

Universal designing of any building is mandatory nowadays. Buildings is designed such that it can be used by people of any age group. Also important to consider physically challenged people.
Now question arises, how to make a building which is universal friendly? For old & physically challenged people elements like ramp, lift. Proper signage needs to be provided at every building level. Universal designing is mandatory and building bye laws are stated by National Building Code.
universal design Aspects

6. Comfort Aspect:

Comfort is necessary aspect of building designing. But if there is no comfort inside  living space get really difficult sometimes. So, it can be achieved by better designing & understanding of space. Different buildings have different functions. Similarly comfort level of every building type is also different. Comfort inside the building depends upon various factors such as: Temperature, Light, indoor air quality, decor or furniture. As an architect it is really important to achieve comfort for users of the building or space.

comfort aspect in Architecture

7. Budgeting Aspect:

The budgeting of building refers to total amount of money to be spent in specific amount of time. It covers all from construction and finishing of project. Budgeting is very important aspect that’s why it should be planned accordingly.

Estimation and costing of building is basically done for calculations of the quantities. The total material used and its cost is listed for whole project.

Estimation and costing budgeting aspect

8. Accessibility Aspect:

Accessibility aspect associated with approach. Circulation outside or inside the building. This term is associated with the universal design. The building need to be designed such that it is easily accessible to each and everyone.

Proper building connectivity through road and pathways is necessary. For inside proper planning of staircase, lift and corridors is required. The smooth circulation is required without any hindrance. This is important architectural aspect.

Accessibility aspect of Architecture

9. Adaptability Aspect:

Adaptability is related to acceptance of built environment by the users. Users are most prime factor in architecture. They need to be adjust the spatial and functional configuration of building. Adaptability comes with comfort. Also necessary for the users to feel comfortable inside that space. It is mandatory because people spend their most of day time in that particular space.

If its home or any private place, it need to have a feel of belonging to it. Otherwise you will not find peace in that space.

Adaptability Aspect of Architecture

10. Sustainable or Environment friendly Aspect:

Last but not the least, building designed to be sustainable and environment friendly. It should not harm the environment or its surroundings. The green buildings  are future of  modern architecture. Building can be designed smartly and always create a positive impact on our environment. This will be beneficial for the coming future generations.

Sustainability and eco-friendly aspect

Given above are all the aspects of architecture. While designing it will be helpful to keep these all aspects in mind. But aspects can vary from designer to designer. So, this is all about architecture and its 10 various aspects. Also architecture is the profession with ample scope for the future generations. If you want to know why architecture is apt profession for 2021 amidst pandemic then go check my previous blog.

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