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Devbhoomi Himachal is  place of ancient temples and shaktipeeth. Every year lakhs of devotees comes from other states and abroad to visit such places. One of the ancient place is Kamaksha devi temple. There are only three Kamaksha temples in India.

The first is kamakhya devi temple which is the famous mythological shaktipeeth of Assam. The second is Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. Last but not the least is Kamaksha temple in Himachal Pradesh. So, please read further about one and only Kamaksha devi temple in devbhoomi Himachal.

Kamaksha Mata temple

Location of Kamaksha Temple:

Kamaksha devi temple devbhoomi Himachal is located in beautiful valley of Karsog in district Mandi. The temple is located in village Kao which is about 7 km away from Karsog. Kao is less populated area in comparison to Karsog town.

How to Reach Kamaksha Temple?

This temple is reachable from Mandi and Shimla easily. The distance by road from Karsog:
1. Delhi – approx. 450 kms
2. Shimla – approx. 100 kms
3. Mandi- approx. 90kms

The availability of transport:
1. Airport facility- Not available (there is no nearby air service available)
2. Bus facility- Buses are easily available from Delhi to Karsog
3. Taxi facility: Taxi facility is also easily available

Entrance to Kamaksha devi temple

History of temple:

This temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga. As per mythology Kamaksha devi has cut the throat of demon known as Mahishasur. Mahishasur was the demon which resembles the buffalo. It is believed that shaktipeeth of the goddess belongs to Satyuga. However researchers believe that the temple may be of Parashurama or Pandava period. There were the signs that depict that Parshuram came to Karsog valley. There is a temple of Mamleshwar Mahadev is in Mamel (Suburban area of Karsog) where he visited. This temple is also famous and has its own special features.

Kamaksha Temple, Himachal Pradesh

Interesting facts about Kamaksha devi temple in devbhoomi Himachal:

There are many interesting facts related to this ancient and mysterious one and only Kamksha devi temple in devbhoomi Himachal:

Fact 1: The method of worship

As far as the Kamaksha Temple is concerned, it is a truly unique temple. So worship is also done in a different way. According to the priests, Kamaksha is the goddess of goddesses. It is also known as Kali Peeth. It has mythological significance. This goddess has also been the Kuldevi of kings but also has a deep connection with Suket, Bushahr and the princely state of Kullu.

Fact 2: Statues from Pandava period

Statues of Pandava period are present in the temple. These idols are made of Ashtadhatu and all these idols are placed on the chariot during the fair. The fair is held twice a year. Thousands of people throng to see it. People come from far and wide to visit here. Legendary belief is that every wish is fulfilled by having a darshan in the Kamaksha temple so people visit this often.

Kamaksha Devi temple idol

Fact 3: The buffalo sacrifice

The Mahishasur demon killed by the goddess so in order to please the her earlier there was buffalo sacrifice at this place. Every year hundreds of buffaloes were sacrificed here. Goddess was pleased through sacrifice. The buffalo was run and killed and the whole scene was very frightening so due to which the fields barn were soaked with blood.

Fact 4: The Creases on Goddess’s bed:

The priest of the goddess make bed every morning like us. This small room is next to the main idol.The bed has creases as if goddess lie on that bed at night. I am lucky enough because i have seen it on my own. The creases seems to be real that cannot be created by the priest or anyone else.

Kamaksha Temple Karsog, Himachal Pradesh

Fact 5: Banning of the buffalo sacrifice practice

In 2012, the temple’s priest Bansi Lal decided to oppose it but only the local panchayat head supported him. The rest people stood up against both and his supporters boycotted him socially. Many times even the police case came up. Finally, the opponents of the sacrificial system had to take shelter of the law.

He requested the Deputy Commissioner of Mandi. Meanwhile, the preparations for sacrifice were started again in Kamaksha. The buffalo was brought on the spot but before it was sacrificed so Poojari called the police force. After a lot of hard work, the sacrifice was stopped. Meanwhile, the Bali supporters approached the High Court. so, he gave his arguments in favor of sacrifice in court. He also cited ancient texts. The priest and his companions also went to court in defense, but the High Court banned the practice of sacrifice in Himachal.

Architecture and material of the temple:

The temple of Kamakshi Devi has been prepared in the mythological style. Earlier it was of stone only. It was made of wood about a decade and a half ago. In terms of architecture the temple is very attractive. It is one of the best examples of temple architecture from Himalayas.

Carvings of Kamaksha Devi Temple

The temple is all made up of wood and slate and the wooden carving is perfect which is rarely found. All the wooden work is done by the local artisans but the wooden carvings of the temple are very rare and unique.The temple is made in pagoda style which is look like tower like multi storied building. 

Architecture of Kamaksha devi temple

This temple is also rich in culture and tradition. During the time of navratri, the huge prayers and fair is organised. The eighth day of navratri is celebrated specially for Kamaksha devi so thousands of people gather in the premises and around the temple complex. It starts with carrying the chariot of devi outside the temple. Then the chariot is carried around the temple which makes a huge loop. It takes whole night and all the traditional instruments are used for the celebrations. 

So, this is all about one and only Kamaksha devi temple in devbhoomi himachal and its interesting facts. If you liked reading this blog please comment, share, like and contact us in case of any query. Also, to know more about architecture so please read my previous blogs under architecture category. Thank you.

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